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IWD Launches Wordy Girl’s New Website

Are you one of the many who like to hit off their mornings with a cup of coffee, a good laugh and an update on what’s good and trending on the local cultural trends? The Wordy Girl brings you all that you need to kick-off your morning; from the world of fashion to the excitement of great food and travel, you’ll find it all right there.

Gateway to Fashion, Dining and Travel

The Wordy Girl is a blog penned by the wordy girl herself, Maria Andy Tettamanti. Her aim is not only to update her readers on the current trends but also,to make them laugh out loud and to bring joy to an otherwise bleak day (maybe). Maria is also a journalist for The Miami Herald and She serves as a columnist for The Huffington Post and Aventura Magazine and fills the post of Miami Beauty Editor for Allure Magazine.

Written in Maria’s signature witty style, this blog is about serious fashion, luxury travel and highbrow magnificence. Tettamanti brings it on in each of her posts, she doesn’t know any other way.

IWD Helps Wordy Girl Captivate its Readers

Maria Tettamanti believes that before trying to make the readers fall in love with you, you need to love yourself, first and foremost. Thus, to capture her audience’s attention, Maria trusted IWD Canada to design and develop a simple yet modern WordPress blog website which showcased her vibrant and full-of-life personality along with its protection and Gmail setup. For more information,

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