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From the Ground Up: IWD Develops Custom, Multi-lingual Site

AnalyticSmart Homepage

At the turn of this century stats fundamentally changed the way professional baseball teams were managed. Today you can’t get through a week without hearing about the implications and applications of ‘Big Data’. The people at AnalyticSmart, a Toronto-based firm offering analytic services, know the world is a numbers game and if you don’t know the numbers, you don’t know the score. AnalyticSmart wants to make sure you and your company aren’t caught drowning in the data, which is why they came to us asking for a custom-built website. The only thing worse than trying to navigate the ‘data’ is tumbling through an anarchic website.

Building on the data acumen of AnalyticSmart, we were able to build a sophisticated and elegant website for the company from scratch, from initial web design to ongoing development. The new site coincided with the launch of the company’s rebranding, showcasing services offered, the variety of available software, and their client base. AnalyticSmart also requested a bilingual platform and we are pleased to announce the French version of the site is now available.

Knowing the value of up-to-the-minute information we integrated WordPress into the backend of the site to allow for quick and efficient site updates. But should the team at AnalyticSmart have any questions we are happy to offer them ongoing support.

Some say data is alive, that it tells a story. That is what AnalyticSmart is for. Good web design means that your site should also be dynamic, telling its own story and that is what we are here for.

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