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Your Website is Not Just an Online Brochure

We often hear from our customers, "I want a website that will help my business grow at a cost I can afford". Our websites are built around this principle.

Our websites turn out better because:

We really get to know your business and often already have industry experience
Future Needs
We build your website not just for current but future needs
Our code works better in most browsers
Pay Less
You pay less because we deliver the same services to many

How can I use my modern website?

1st Impression

Anyone visiting your website will either be drawn in or put back by your content. This means that the look, navigation and information written on each page matters. For some it’s a quick “tire kick” and others it’s “in-depth research”.

Either way making a good 1st impression will lead to a follow up call, email or walk-in to your business.

Fact Check

With the advent of social media, people can now find information about your product or services on other websites. They will read things like usage comments, pricing, specials, etc. If they are unsure about something they’re reading, they may go directly to your website to confirm it’s true. It’s important to keep your content organized and up-to-date for this reason.

Analytics Dashboard

Market Finder

There are so many places to advertise on the web, and so many places people are actively discussing your product or service.

A major new use for your website is to track where these activities are taking place so that you can get more out of your marketing and public relations spending.

Different Needs, Great Results

Here's a small sample of our over 500 customers served

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John Watling's
25 Liberty

IWD's Approach

All our customers range in size, industry and budget. Businesses like working with us
because we deliver and manage websites in both of these scenarios.


Some customers want us to handle everything. They want a great website with minimal choices. We prefer building and managing your website this way.

We find it leads to our lowest prices and highest results.


Larger businesses often require many different companies working together on their website. Put us in charge of your “front end website” in this case. Our team and systems are setup to handle this part better than anyone. We ensure your data is safe and budgets are met, and can serve as a sounding board on cost cutting and how other companies are progressing.

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