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Good News Ventures launches their WordPress Website

You’ve got an innovative, game changing product but, what you don’t have is the funding or the experience and professional connections to help you build a sustainable startup around it. This is usually the point where most startups fail, unless they have the right partners backing them.

Good New Ventures Invests in Great People and their Products

Good News Ventures is a firm which takes pride in investing in early stage companies spearheaded by passionate entrepreneurs. Not only do the founders get the much needed funds, they get access to Good News Ventures’ impressive roster of advisors. These industry leading advisors help strategically guide the company to sustainable success. Marat Mukhamedyarov and Mohan Markandaier are the forces behind Good News Ventures. Together, they have more than a decade of experience investing in startups as angel investors and mentors. They invest in startups in all sectors but, their focus lies in AI, IoT, B2B, Big Data, Mobile, Cloud/SaaS, healthcare, finance, space tech, security and storage. If you’re a company falling under any of these niches, you’d be hard-pressed to find mentors and investors more hardworking and dedicated than the leaders behind Good News Ventures.

Good News Ventures Partners with IWD

IWD helped Good News Ventures by developing a WordPress website Marat and Mohan could be proud to call their own. They further entrusted IWD to maintain their hosting to ensure the seamless operation of their website.

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