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Who We Hire

The main qualities that IWD looks for in a candidate are curiosity and passion.  IWD appreciates individuals who are honest, well-mannered and have strong work ethics. The different areas of employment range from marketing to computer programming. 

IWD’s minimum qualifications include:

  1. university or college degree
  2. ability to work well with others
  3. positive attitude
  4. strong organizational and communication skills

Although there are minimums, IWD can always make exceptions for those who can demonstrate extreme talent.

Either you arrived here out of curiosity or looking for a new career - you’re in the right place.  IWD is always looking for new curious and passionate talent. 

A few things about IWD…

Working environment:

  1. professional, but at the same time fun atmosphere
  2. young and energetic staff
  3. great opportunity to meet people in all industries

Some things about our office:

  1. based near Yorkville in Toronto, Canada
  2. modern and refined workspace
  3. specialized departments

IWD is always thinking about the future, making it the perfect place to start or continue a long successful career.  Feel free to look around.


Phone: 416.640.6140
Fax: 416.306.6479

Toronto, Canada
147 Liberty Street
Toronto, ON, M6K 3G3


IWD is proud to be a member
of the Toronto Board of Trade

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